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Company Culture

Who is driving the Great Resignation? Mid-career tech workers

By Christopher Wink

If company leaders aren’t paying attention, you may still lose more prized employees. The Great Resignation is becoming the Great Mismatch, and a game of musical chairs.

Company Culture

The office is changing, not going away

Despite breathless reporting of tech workers retreating to the mountains, the data and the stories point to a return to office (and the cities that host them). Here's more from’s latest Culture Builder newsletter.

Company Culture

What could DAOs mean for HR?

Decentralized autonomous organizations upend the hierarchical company structure. Check out’s latest Culture Builder newsletter for an explainer, and a thought experiment.


What is employer brand marketing?

It's telling the story of what it's like to work at an organization to help attract and retain employees who will thrive there, as we heard on the latest episode of The TWIJ Show.


Rethink passive jobseekers

Listen to a podcast. Watch a video. It's time to have a better understanding of how employer branding informs your talent-attraction strategy.

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