Ask a Marketer

Ask a Marketer is an advice column by Kapowza Chief Marketing Officer Sean Sutherland.

For generations, people have sought the wisdom of sages to help them untangle their thorniest problems. Now, Sean Sutherland is here to help you figure out how to make the most of your marketing budget and time. As the chief marketing officer for Kapowza, a Baltimore-based creative agency, Sean has seen it all. He'll share his hard won advice from over a decade in the industry.

He can help with questions ranging from "How do I connect with potential customers?" to "How can we get our ideas in front of investors?" to "What's the best way to eat a full meal of appetizers at a networking happy hour?" (go for the wings). He'll teach you how to build a brand that is authentic and within your budget and help you identify and overcome pain points.

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