TechCamp is a program under the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Civil Society (CS) 2.0 initiative.

A TechCamp is a one to two day conference where civil society organizations (CSOs) share current challenges they are facing with peers and technologists and brainstorm how technology can play a role in addressing these challenges. It is also unique way to connect CSOs to global networks of technologists, sponsors and digital volunteers interested in helping implement solutions.

TechCamps focus on exploring the challenges and needs of civil society organizations and then provide the necessary training to address those challenges through tech solutions. They also tap into the goodwill of the global digital volunteer community to help solve today’s challenges, and empower civil society groups by providing hands-on training they need to better execute against their missions in the 21st century.

Unlike traditional conferences, TechCamps are highly interactive events, with the majority of time spent in small groups, allowing CSOs spend quality time with the technology experts who can thoroughly walk them through how to apply tech solutions to their challenges. Coverage