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Tomorrow Tour: is bringing tech events to 6 US cities, in partnership with Comcast NBCUniversal, will be visiting Denver, Miami, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta, with a kickoff in Philadelphia. It all starts Jan. 27.

The Tomorrow Tour will explore tech hubs across the U.S. (Tomorrow Tour)
Innovation communities are blossoming across the country — the world, even.

One thing we’ve learned in reporting on a handful of those tech hubs in recent years is that we’re not competing. We’re trying to be the best versions of ourselves. So we need to learn from and share with each other.

To that end, we are thrilled to announce the Tomorrow Tour, a multi-city event and content series we’re organizing with Comcast NBCUniversal. With reporting and in-person events, we’re hitting the road to help understand a half-dozen places we don’t know well enough yet, with a kickoff in our hometown, Philly.

The goal will be to meet and connect entrepreneurs, technologists and network builders in an array of different cities for three reasons:

  • Explore how local tech networks are shaping the future of cities
  • Uncover the best innovation and technology stories in each market
  • Highlight similarities, distinctions and best practices in each city for future use

We'll visit a local tech community near you thanks to the Tomorrow Tour.

We’ll be publishing reports about the communities we’re visiting and hope it will springboard to a wider look at how we can all learn from each other about retaining and strengthening the people who are shaping the future of our local economies.

Here’s where we will be visiting:

These particular cities were chosen for several reasons — they represent the diversity of big American cities, they’re developing innovation clusters in different ways and, yes, our partner Comcast is serving customers there. We’re proud to be working with Comcast on this and, crucially, we hope this to be a beginning: let’s encourage more knowledge-sharing and relationship-building across our respective communities.

We’ll have public events in all of those places to discuss how the conversation is being shaped, in addition to meetings with local community leaders and coverage here on

This shouldn’t stop with just those seven communities. Tell us why your community is worth visiting (and if you’d like to share perspective here) by tweeting us at @Technical_ly and using the #TMRWTOUR16 hashtag.

We’ll be producing a toolkit for entrepreneurs (a kind of ebook for the modern startup climate) and sharing as much as we can about contributing to this conversation. Stay tuned. And get excited.

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