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This Week in Jobs: Podcasts, livestreams and engineering roles, oh my!

La la land for job hunters.

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Like a rolling stone

Delaware is a bit like actress Emma Stone (bear with us here). It pops up in the news now and then, but otherwise keeps a low profile. It has an everlasting coastal beauty, but you know there’s much more going on under the surface. And it has starred in some awesome movies, but never acts like a diva.

At, we cover a great deal of tech and event news in Delaware, but while writing TWIJ we had to ask ourselves, “Have we paid respectable homage to our first state in this here newsletter?” “Nay!” we cried.

Timed to perfection, our own Holly Quinn just wrote about some interesting data on who wants to move to Delaware and why, and it paints a pretty irresistible picture for remote work/life balance. While it’s hard not to ogle over the state’s biggest assets (low taxes and the beach), take a look at the fact that 70% of residents see Delaware as a more attractive state for entrepreneurship or self employment than other states.

Also, fun fact, Stone’s grandmother lived in Delaware once. So … that’s cool.

The News

Linode continues to educate and engage its community through COVID times with its streaming series, Linode Live! Learn more about the series and how to register for the next event — “Learnk8s Lab: Orchestrating microservices workflows in Kubernetes with Zeebe” — on Oct. 29.

Off the Sidelines podcast is back, baby. The investor education podcast — sponsored by Project Entrepreneur, a program by UBS, and hosted by — is kicking off its second season with an episode about how the “network effect maintains racial inequality.” Tune in to hear author Kelly Hoey and venture capitalist Nasir Qadree talk about the investor’s role in networking equality.

The Jobs


The End

Have a great rest of your week, friends. And don’t forget — you can check out our full job board any time, day or night.

Happy job hunting.

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