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This Week in Jobs Philly: Whiz wit

This cheesesteak order is not up for debate.

Remember this gem? (Gif via

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Celebrate good times

March 24 was a holiday near and dear to us: National Cheesesteak Day. Sure, it happens just once per year, but this city tradition of eating proper Amoroso rolls and shaved meat topped with steaming Cheese Wiz and fried onions is forever. Spirited debates about the best way to order a cheesesteak have been happening for about just as long, too.

Whether you take your cheesesteaks with provolone, American, peppers, onions, ketchup or mayo, we can all agree that there’s something special about Philly, the city we’re lucky to call home. Something just out-of-the-box enough to make the rest of the world turn to us, head cocked and say “Huh?” If you haven’t heard, no one likes us, and we don’t care! Must be something in the wooder.

Regardless, we’re just happy you’re here with us. Channel that extra-special Philly energy into your next interview to stand out, and try to tell us that asking someone’s preferred cheesesteak order isn’t the best icebreaker of all time. You just can’t.

The News

In the spirit of Philly cheer, homegrown goPuff hit a wild landmark last week. The delivery startup garnered a $1.15 billion investment, bringing its total valuation to $8.9 billion. Wowza.

Comcast also threw its hat into the ring of top-dollar investments, pledging to funnel $1 billion into its Internet Essentials program, which is dedicated to addressing digital inequity, over the next decade. And Comcast NBCUniversal shared the love with a $100,000 grant for the Steppingstone Scholars. The money will fund the organization’s Inveniam program which provides STEM-based programming for K-12 students.

Now let’s get down to the next big thing in your professional journey!

The Jobs

We don’t blame you if you never want to leave Philly — or your house. Here are some fully remote opportunities:

The End

Thanks for indulging in TWIJ. Happy Tuesday!

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