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This Week in Jobs DE: Swipe right on the job of your dreams

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Love is in the air

We’re approaching the first (and for the love of Beyoncé, please be the last) Valentine’s Day in quarantine. V Day is typically a chance for couples to slow down, smell the literal roses and focus on their partners.

Only, this year we haven’t been able to escape our partners. And that obnoxious tongue-slapping sound they make when they eat. Or their inability to do the dishes even though it was their turn and they promised (again). And what about that huge craft project that has taken over the dining room, rendering the table useless for dining purposes, and somehow the glue is everywhere and it smells and you hate it and — you, um, just need some time to yourself this year?

Maybe it’s best to just think about finding a job you love.

The News

NET/WORK is back, baby, and more virtual than ever. Our NET/WORK 2021 job fair returns March 18, this time serving the entire mid-Atlantic region; check out which time slots will be focused around jobs in your city. Learn more and see which employers are slated to attend at the link.

Turns out, building the Barstool Sportsbook app is as cool as it sounds. Take it from Penn Interactive’s Scrum Master Lead, Britt Sikora Drake. She told us what it was like working at the digital gaming company and how she landed a prime role on the team (which is hiring).

The Jobs

Get ready to woo hiring managers for one of these sweet gigs.


The End

Well, we’ve made enough romantic innuendos for one day. Hope we don’t get a call from HR.

Thanks for joining us this week. Happy job hunting, friends.


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