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This Week in Jobs: Learn from your past and start fresh with these 24 tech job openings

Confessing moments of unprofessionalism.

Do you have work memories that make you do this?

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None of us are born knowing how to behave on the job — understanding professionalism and office culture takes time, and more than a few mistakes.

If you’re seeking a daily dose of cringe, check out Ask a Manager’s delightful thread where readers weigh in with their moments of unprofessionalism, including regrettable cubicle decor and bringing “Cards Against Humanity” to a Monday morning meeting.

It’s just a reminder of how much you’ve grown, and where you could be headed with this week’s job postings.

The News

If you missed last week’s Developers Conference, you can still check out 8 pre-recorded talks from leading technologists at Comcast, Vanguard, URBN, Crossbeam, Audacy, Capital One and Power Home Remodeling. 

Salary transparency can create a more equitable workplace, explains Crystal Coache, chief of staff for Urban Teachers, and Jess Gartner, CEO and founder of Allovue.

What does in-person networking look like today after two years of Zoom events and online programming?

These PA startups just received up to $100,000 in tax credits thanks to the Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) Tax Credit Program. 


The engineering team lead at QuotaPath, Mike Bagwell, explains his experience doubling the size of his team and introducing a new methodology to keep projects on track. (Interested in engineering? QuotaPath is hiring.)

The Jobs

Come work with us! Technically Media is looking for a Summer Business Intern to start in June.





The End

You’ve come a long way! See you again next week.

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