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This Week in Jobs PHL: Vote, find a new gig and pause live radio — all in a day’s work

And take a sticker selfie.

The fires of 2020 are still raging. (Photo by Mike Logsdon for

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I got my back against the record machine

In honor of the late, great Eddie Van Halen (RIP, rock legend) and it being election day, hold your mic stand up, do a split in the air and sing the following lyrics to the tune of “Jump:”

Ah, might as well VOTE! (vote)

Might as well VOTE.

Go ahead and VOTE! (vote)

Go ahead and VOTE.

Now put some ice on that muscle you just pulled and hightail it to the polls. Then, peruse the new list of jobs we have for you this week. We will wait.

The News

Video may have killed the radio star, but radio is badder (slang for more gooder) than ever before. Entercom has harnessed audio innovation to bring DVR features to live radio. Now you can pause your fave station, tell your kids to stop messing with the dial and pick up where you left off. Entercom’s Philly presence is hiring up, so click here to learn more.

For the second year, our sister site Generocity is hosting the now-virtual conference dedicated to moving forward ideas, organizations and professionals that drive smarter impact. The event, ADVANCE by Generocity, will take place on Thursday, Nov. 12, starting at 9 a.m., featuring the themes of resilience and recovery. Tickets are free; register here.

The Jobs

We’re merging the regular and remote job postings today because the rock n’ roll has gone to our heads and we’re feeling wild and reckless. Also, working remotely is normal now, right? At what point do things stop “becoming the norm” and are just the norm? Oh boy, we’re in a brain loop. Let’s focus on the jobs:

The End

Now you have “Jump” stuck in your head, don’t you? Sing it all the way to the polls. Thanks for joining us this week, friends!

Happy job hunting.


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