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This Week in Jobs: If your search feels like Squid Game, stay calm and check out these open tech roles

The next game is to focus on the end goal.

Things are fine. (Gif via Giphy)

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For Your Next Challenge …

Waiting to hear back from employers can be agonizing. It’s easy to stress and panic, but it’s important to remember to stay focused and be patient. If you watched “Squid Game,” you know exactly what I mean. And if you didn’t, I strongly encourage you to. But this will still make sense so don’t fret.

The lingering anticipation of waiting to see what happens next and pain of seeing your favorite characters eliminated are (basically) the same emotions you endure when waiting for an employer to respond or learning that you’re no longer a candidate for a position.

But as long as you remind yourself to stay focused because there’s something great waiting for you once the wait is over, you’ll be just fine. This isn’t a hot take, but I thought the ending was horrible. What won’t suck is when you finally land that job you’ve been eyeing, though, so keep staying strong!

The News

You no longer need a college degree to guarantee a decent shot at getting a tech job. Check out 10 coding bootcamps in Delaware that could help you land one down the line.

Explore funding opportunities for underrepresented founders in Maryland, including TEDCO’s Pre-Seed Builder Fund.

Pennsylvania State Rep. Ed Gainey is set to take over as Pittsburgh’s next mayor. Here’s what the local tech community hopes to see during his tenure.

Applications just opened for the Maryland Innovation Investment Tax Credit, a recently instituted tax credit designed to attract investors for Maryland-based tech companies.

Software developer RapidDeploy is teaming up with the city of Alexandria to improve the accuracy of 911 dispatchers locating emergency calls.

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time to aimlessly scramble for gifts. But maybe searching for gifts doesn’t have to be so hard this time around. Sprize is a Philly-founded platform that allows people to enter specific identifiers to find the ideal gift.

The Jobs





You can find employment and make a positive impact in your community at the same time:

  • If your goal is to use soccer to affect social change (see what I did there?), join Starfinder Foundation as an Impact Manager.
  • Lead positive change to our voting technology as the Director of Development for Verified Voting.
  • Strive to end hunger (and have an amazing title) as the Major Gift Officer for Philabundance.


The End

The final game is to check in next week.

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