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This Week in Jobs: 21 tech career opportunities that spark joy

Embracing the chaos.

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We all let things go sometimes, even the queen of tidying up herself: Marie Kondo.

At a recent event, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” the author admitted that even she succumbs to clutter from time to time. With a busy life and full house, it’s just not attainable to be perfectly tidy all the time, she explained. Instead, she spends time with her kids or just relaxes.

We all let things slide from time to time, but are you holding onto something that doesn’t serve you?

If that thing is a j-o-b, then keep reading for this week’s tidy roundup of roles.

The News

2023’s RealLIST Startups are here. Check out these fastest-rising companies in:

Life science and biotech are booming in Philadelphia. The Curtis, a former publishing house in Washington Square, is adding 200k sq. ft. of lab space to the city.

National Fun at Work Day may have been last Friday, but there’s no reason you can’t make the workplace fun every day, explains Wilmington-founded fun dept.

In light of this weekend’s unrest, we’re revisiting a 2020 piece about how to address trauma and police brutality in the workplace.

The Jobs





The End

Try embracing the mess and a new opportunity. See you later!

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