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This Week in Jobs: Skate into something new with these 21 open tech roles

Watching the Winter Olympics in wonder.

Curl up this winter. (Gif via

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Somehow, four years have come and gone, and another Winter Olympics comes sweeping in. While there are always old favorites (we’re looking at you, figure skating), it seems there’s always another sport or event to discover.

From ice luge to the infamous curling, it only takes firing up your streaming service (or cable provider) to discover something. With the power of a single click, you may discover a whole new world or at least a new sport.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, whether it’s an Olympic sporting event — or perhaps, a new role.

The News

Small businesses may be struggling, but the Maryland Tech Council’s Business Community Task Force is offering advisors and networking to guide them.

Show them the money! Leaders from Baltimore-based education financial technology company Allovue explain the importance of salary transparency.

Managing a team through a merger takes a delicate balance of emotions and organization, says Jon Russell of PNC’s acquisition of BBVA USA.

What does the workplace mean in a remote-first culture? This month, is looking at how tech communities are transforming as the remote workplace grows.

Speaking of growth, Partnership to Advance Responsible Technology published a report on the future of Pittsburgh’s tech economy. Learn how the org envisions a responsible tech ecosystem.

The Jobs

Wanna work with us? Technically Media is seeking an Engagement Manager (Remote) to help our stories reach a bigger audience.





The End

Beautiful form, but can we stick the landing? Let’s see what the judges have to say about this week’s TWIJ — 10, 10, 10 …

Go for the gold and we’ll see you next time!

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