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This Week in Jobs: Enter your Renaissance era with these 21 open roles

Are you ready for a rebirth?

Job posts, get in formation.

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The internet nearly broke late last week with news of Beyoncé’s seventh studio album, titled “Renaissance.” Fans are waiting for the new album, said to have a more country and dance feel than previous work and dropping on July 29.

But, who says you have to wait a month to get in on the hype? If Beyoncé’s gearing up for her renaissance era, maybe we all should.

Tied to the idea of rebirth, a renaissance marks a time of rediscovery and creativity. While you might not be dropping an album anytime soon, is it time to try something new?

If your rebirth happens to mean a new job, we’ve got some opportunities for you below.

The News

Some personal news … is launching Thriving, a year-long reporting series dedicated to stories about the obstacles and opportunities real people face in reaching their economic goals.

Renée Cummings, data activist and keynote speaker at the Partnership to Advance Responsible Technology’s Responsible Technology Summit, spoke on the importance of inclusive tech through collaboration.

Could this meeting be an email? Engineer manager Leemay Nassery addresses the eternal conundrum of meetings in this week’s edition of The Lossless Leader.


Philly-founded logistics platform announces an $11 million Series A round.

The Jobs





PNC Financial Services is looking for a variety of candidates, including:

The End

Be your own Beyoncé for now, and we’ll see you back here next week.

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