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This Week in Jobs: Real Big Fish Edition

You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

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Hi! You’re reading the Pittsburgh edition of This Week in Jobs (TWIJ), a weekly newsletter written by our team at in partnership with InnovatePGH and the Pittsburgh Innovation District. Each week we put together for you a slate of news and fresh job opportunities in the ‘burgh. If you’re not already subscribed, you can do so here.

River predators are back! After a roughly 150-year hiatus, some major wildlife has returned to the three rivers. People have reported four-foot catfish appearing on their fishing rods. Okay, Bengal tigers they are not, but it’s a start for an ecosystem that is showing increasing signs of recovery 48 years after the Clean Water Act.

While nature in Pittsburgh may be returning to some form of normal, protestors and racial justice advocates are trying to keep up the pressure of the moment for tangible change not just in law enforcement, but from policymakers, employers, land developers, health care institutions, service industry leaders, news media that includes a framework that actively works against racism.

One question tech companies and employers everywhere must ask themselves, is not only whether they’re hiring people of color, but whether nonwhite workers feel comfortable enough to contribute their unique perspectives to the company culture (something research shows makes companies more productive and more profitable).

Luckily, has developed a rich catalog of stories and resources as part of Racial Equity Month to help company leaders make inroads. Just remember — ignoring these issues stifles innovation and economic activity.

The News

Duolingo has given Pittsburghers yet another moment of vicarious pride. The company is featured in CNBC’s eighth annual Disruptor 50 list, along with local fintech startup Affirm.

Local TV stations are among the first to deploy a new digital broadcast standard that includes 4K picture quality and improved indoor reception. Rescan those channels, antenna users.

Authorities arrested a man in Detroit last week for the 2014 hack of UPMC’s human resources data, which included personal information of 65,000 employees.

The Local Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

Stay safe on the waters. Next week TWIJ will be back with a whole new set of jobs, as always.

If you want to check on new jobs in the mid-Atlantic region, go ahead and sift through’s jobs board any time. See you next week.

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