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This Week in Jobs: Point and Click Edition

3D tours, jobs and more.

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Fly Me to the Living Room

If you loved Myst and Riven, have we got the travel package for you: Destinations across the country are offering virtual tours for homebound travelers desperate for some kind of escape during COVID-19. Sure, staring at a photo of the Grand Canyon or the Dawn Wall on your smart-phone while binging Bravo may not measure up to the real thing, but you can take in America’s natural treasures without worrying about snakes or bears or falling to your doom.

And if you insist on recreating the whole experience, nothing’s stopping you from packing a bag, dropping it from the top of the stairs, shoving it into a kitchen cupboard, lighting $50 on fire for the privilege, sitting on the floor between your toilet and bathtub for six hours, then slathering yourself in sunscreen, standing on the sidewalk until soaked in sweat, and finally firing up photos of Red Rock Canyon.

At least it’s a distraction from waiting for a response to your latest job applications. And there’s something to be said for eating your favorite road trip snacks without the road trip.


The News

Join the group that’s working to bring more women to the pivot tables. The global nonprofit Women in Data now boasts more than 450 members in its D.C. chapter, which launched last October. The organization offers opportunities to network, participate in educational sessions and get a heads-up on job openings. You don’t need to be in D.C. to join; get involved from anywhere, or see if there’s a chapter in a city near you.

Parents and students, this one’s for you: 150 students in D.C. from groups underrepresented in STEM are invited to attend Virtual Tech Camp this summer. Campers ages 7 to 19 will learn coding, game development and design, with two hours of instruction and two hours of self-paced project work. It may not be fireside stories or capture the flag (thanks, COVID-19), but for the tech-inclined, it’s a chance to make new friends while getting immersed in crucial STEM skills. Apps are due today, June 30.

Threats on America’s factory floors have gone digital. As manufacturing hubs face ransomware attacks and other cyber-breaches as they become more digitally connected, workers on shop floors are starting to need new training in cybersecurity. That’s why the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, has teamed with the national digital manufacturing institute MxD to launch a training program for factory workers, with six-digit backing from the federal government. These days both safety and cybersecurity are every worker’s responsibility.

The Jobs


  • The Washington Post is hiring a Digital Analyst to work with the publication’s marketing, product and engineering departments to help its rapidly growing subscription business.
  • Git gud: GitHub is looking for a Software Engineer for Git Storage Operations to help run what the company calls the “largest code-hosting platform in the world.”
  • Mercury Analytics, a consumer and political data analytics firm, is seeking a Software Engineer.
  • Now hear this: The digital performance-rights organization SoundExchange is hiring a Product Manager.



  • Thomson Reuters Special Services, which provides research and expertise to the national security community, the U.S. military, law enforcement and the private sector, is hiring an Analyst in McLean.
  • Hobsons in Arlington is seeking a Software Architect.
  • In this week’s winner for best job title, Workday in McLean is looking for a Customer Enablement Consultant for its Office Hours service, particularly with expertise in reporting and analytics. If there are limits on what you’ll be allowed to enable, we don’t want to know.


  • If you’re into digital sorcery, Tiltfly is hiring a Senior Elixir Developer to help create unique online fundraising tools meant to power a new generation of charitable fundraising.
  • The digital consulting firm Skylight, which helps public agencies deliver better services, is seeking a Remote Software Engineer.
  • The online food ordering platform Olo is looking for a Remote Software Engineer. We trust you won’t tell anyone how often we’re ordering burgers and milkshakes for delivery.

The End

The luxuries of economy air travel aren’t the only experiences you can recreate in the comfort of your home. Immerse yourself in a road trip with Desert Bus or by simply obeying the traffic laws in Grand Theft Auto — and be sure to remove any towels from your bathroom to enjoy the full rest stop experience. (Wet floor signs, somehow as much as $25, are available online for the truly committed.)

If staring at a simulated empty desert landscape for hours on end is what you need to escape from the job hunt, we won’t judge. Good luck out there, and stay safe!

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