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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: On Thin Ice

It’s slippy ‘aht.

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The only thing worse than a winter snow warning is when said warning transforms into a winter ice warning. If you’ve left the house in the last 48 hours (and we wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t!), chances are you’re gingerly slipping, sliding and falling on your butt.

And trying to spot black ice before you inevitably skate onto it is not unlike the job search. Jumping in headfirst without looking can knock you clear off your feet if you’re not ready. If you step in carefully and take your time, you’ll see opportunities you’d otherwise miss, and be able to spot hazards along the way.

Go ahead and take your time to glide through this week’s postings.

The News

The Washington Post highlights Food Rescue Hero and the efforts volunteers to go to collect and deliver food that would otherwise be thrown away.

The stay-at-home order has accelerated demand for robotics. IAM Robotics, Seegrid, and Carnegie Robotics weigh in on how this trend could accelerate the region’s already booming robotics industry. (Psst — IAM Robotics and Seegrid are hiring.)

CovacX, a startup creating a central registration tool COVID-19 vaccinations in PA, took top honors in this year’s Civic Hackathon.

The Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

Watch closely where you’re stepping, you might just miss an opportunity — or dodge a patch of black ice. Be careful out there, and we’ll see you next time.

If you want to check on new jobs in the mid-Atlantic region, go ahead and sift through’s jobs board any time.

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