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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: Thanksgiving mythbuster and local dev roles

Talking turkey.


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As your Thanksgiving table begins carving the bird Thursday, someone will inevitably say it:

“You know, Ben Franklin wanted the National Bird to be the turkey,” pipes up Uncle Jim over Zoom, where he has tried and failed multiple times to turn on the camera.

This year, put those rumors to rest. When Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were tasked with creating the new country’s seal in 1776, Franklin actually suggested that Moses parting the Red Sea be the featured imagery. Jefferson and Adams vetoed the idea, along with the entire Continental Congress, and the US adopted the seal with a bald eagle in 1782.

That’s not to say Franklin didn’t have a beef with the bald bird. In a letter to his daughter, the founding father went off on the eagle, calling it “lazy” and “of bad moral character.” He then went on to extol the turkey but came short of suggesting it be the country’s mascot.


Do with this factoid what you will, but we wouldn’t blame you for dropping an “um, actually,” at the Thanksgiving table.

The News

In the past year, Duolingo’s user base has grown 30%. As a result, the Pittsburgh-based language learning company announced another round of funding — $35 million on a $2.4 billion valuation. With that growth comes (you guessed it!) a new round of hiring.

Lawrenceville’s I AM Robotics announced a partnership with Johnson & Johnson to improve warehouse efficiency through the help of robotics and software.

Follow the money!’s latest episode of “Off the Sidelines” podcast explores the flow of venture capital and how to make it more equitable.

The Local Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

It’s okay to (momentarily) be the smartest person in the room. Eat up, relax and we’ll see you next week for TWIJ.

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