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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: Prime Time Poet

Landing the job we didn’t know existed.

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No doubt, dear job seekers, you’ve seen company career pages with the catch-all listing. “Don’t see your role here?” they ask, “Apply and tell us what we need.”

How often, you might wonder, do people actually get a job that way? Tell them what they need? Sounds dicey.

But, consider Amanda Gorman. At 22, she’s the country’s first National Youth Poet Laureate, and her inauguration appearance has landed her a gig with a much bigger audience — the NFL.

Yes, Gorman’s reciting poetry before the kickoff of this year’s Super Bowl. It just goes to show, hiring managers and professional sports leagues don’t always know what they’re looking for, until you show them what they’re missing.

The News

In a very timely episode of Off the Sidelines, Pam Kostka of All Raise and investor, entrepreneur, and diversity advocate Tracy Chou talk about how the standard investor profile is slowly changing.

Biotech firm Peptilogics closed a $35.4 million round of investing from Presight. Pro tip: The firm is also hiring.

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Gecko Robotics announced plans to move offices from East Liberty to Nova Place in the North Side, close to doubling its footprint (and looking for new hires to boot).

The Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

So go ahead and pitch big. Fill out that catch-all application — you never know what might happen. We’ll catch you next week.

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