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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: In a Pickle

This weekend will be a helluva good brine.

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It seems that Pittsburgh has reached the “acceptance” stage when it comes to its identity as the “City of Pickles.” This weekend, if you are so enticed, you can register for Picklesburgh’s Pickle Juice Drinking Contest, where the winner will be crowned Mayor of Picklesburgh.

If winning public office via competitive drinking isn’t enticing, you can also stop downtown for live music, pickled snacks, and other such fermented fun.

In a pickle for weekend plans? Trudge downtown and head toward the giant, inflatable dill pickle for a uniquely Pittsburgh experience.

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Local teens flex their entrepreneurship skills during Startable’s eight-week program.

Congnistx and SAE International partnered to create an easily searchable and accessible library of documents for engineers.

Tech jobs are booming, according to reports from CompTIA, and signs point to more opportunities in Pittsburgh.

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The End

Mayor of Picklesburgh? It’s kind of a big dill. But, if pickling isn’t your bag, we’ll see you next week where we’ll be back to our bread and butter, jobs and news.

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