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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: Color Coordinated

The beginnings of "Black & Gold."

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Fun fact: Pittsburgh is actually the only city in the nation where all its professional sports teams share the same official colors. But the adoption of black and gold as a symbol of the city goes beyond sportsball.

When Pittsburgh was officially chartered as a city in 1816, it also selected black and gold as the city’s official hues.

As many local folk can attest, streamlining the city’s official colors with its sports teams has its perks. You just have to put on something black and gold to appear to be a fan.

With all that time saved, you’ve certainly got a few minutes to check out this week’s job postings.

The News

Who makes $200k? This multi-part, multi-city, data-driven research explores the intersection between technology, race, and economic mobility.

Welcome home, Aurora. The autonomous vehicle company announced that Pittsburgh would become its full corporate headquarters.

What technologist in your network deserves some recognition? Nominate them for RealLIST Engineers 2021,’s curated list of influential developers and technologists.

Beep beep, coming through! Robot delivery service Kiwibot is adding more delivery bots to nearby streets in the coming weeks. wants your feedback: Take our community survey to help us better meet your local tech info needs. As thanks, we’re picking a handful of survey takers to win a $50 gift card or a signed copy of Guy Raz’s book, “How I Built This.”

Back to school, and into STEM. Here are 10 programs in the area that can introduce youth to robotics, computer science, and more.

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The Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

When in doubt, throw on something black and gold, and root for “sports.”

If you want to check on new jobs in the mid-Atlantic region, go ahead and sift through’s jobs board any time.

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