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This Week in Jobs Philly: A post-vax world

Pfizer, Moderna and J&J, oh my!

Vaccines, not cars (or bees). (Gif via

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You get a vaccine, and you get a vaccine!

While cooped up at home, huddled under a sweatshirt and pile of blankets, hours into a doomscrolling session, you probably fantasized about what you’d do when the world finally returned to a semblance of normalcy. It’s inevitable. And you wouldn’t be alone if you did so; Oprah announced her post-vaccinated plans, and it involved a lot of tacos and friends. She’s never wrong.

Thinking of vaccines, the Twitter account @USVaccineCount tracks the percentage of U.S. citizens who are fully vaccinated day by day. And the progress is slow, but we’re getting to a brand new world. What’s that old adage about winning the race?

Maybe “slow and steady” is an on-the-nose assessment of what the job process tends to feel like. At, we do believe all of that dragging hard work and spent energy, cold emails and nerve-wracking networking will result in a lovely email that starts with “Congratulations!” one day. And for now, you’ve got us.

The News

At, our world is expanding a bit. Last week, we announced our acquisition of Pittsburgh startup chronicler StartNow PGH. That doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere, Philly — just expanding our mission to cultivate flourishing coverage of local media business in different markets.

Amazon is expanding its footprint locally as well with plans to open four new delivery stations in the Philadelphia region in 2021.

With all this growth and change, you never really have to go that far from Philly for the next exciting opportunity that’s around the corner. This we already knew, but it seems like the folks at Fortune agree, naming four PA businesses to its 2021 list of 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Keep an eye out for this new face on the beat in D.C.: Michaela Althouse is joining as a reporter to lead coverage of technology careers, growing businesses and the changing economy in the DMV. If the name sounds familiar, she was a editorial intern reporting on Philadelphia in 2019.

The Jobs

Maybe tacos are best enjoyed in bed? Test out that theory with these fully remote job opportunities:

The End

Speaking of changing environments, it’s Earth Day on Thursday, so make sure you take some time to get some fresh air and enjoy your surroundings (also, shoutout to our eco-friendly sponsor this week, Finite Carbon!).

Good luck with your week, friends! See you next time.

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