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This Week in Jobs Philly: Who likes sweepin’?

The Phils did some cleanup this weekend.

Sweep it up.

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The Phanatic can cross that chore off his to-do list.

Break out your brooms. Over the weekend, the Philadelphia Phillies swept the New York Mets in a three-game showdown that ended on a perfectly sunny Sunday afternoon.

The Phils’ 3-0 victory on Sunday was their eighth W in a row — the longest winning streak our hometown team has seen in 10 years. Dang. Patience is a virtue, but especially so for Philly sports fans.

Channel that feel-good, winning energy into the rest of your week. I’d say you’re ready to hit it out of the park this fine Tuesday, but a tried and true Philadelphian knows we prefer to ring the bell. Let’s play ball! (Or just tailgate at the Linc, both sound good to me.)

The News

If you’re still daydreaming of #sportsball, the industry of competitive video gaming, or esports, is rapidly growing, but also facing the question of how to be more equitable.

Speaking of equity, a “lack of digital skills” for Black and Latinx candidates could contribute to less diverse hiring practices at tech companies. Here’s four ways tech can get past this unclear qualification to bridge the gap.

And for great talent, you only have to travel down Route 1. Delaware cinched the #10 spot on the top 10 list of tech talent powerhouse locations.

The Jobs

Like your home base? Work from the nosebleeds with these remote opportunities:


The End

Off to buy some peanuts and Cracker Jack. Catch you next Tuesday!

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