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This Week in Jobs DC: I must confess, I still believe …

Let’s skip that part about being lonely.

Britney says "You got this." (Gif via

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Hit the job search one more time

We aren’t complaining about the nostalgic tide of attention the internet paid to the late ‘90s and early ‘00s after the Britney Spears doc by the New York Times blew up last month. Take your crown, Ms. Spears, our eternal Princess of Pop.

But it’d be a disservice not to note the other divas to come out of an iconic generation of voices. Doylestown-born Pink stood out from the crowd in “Most Girls,” and then there was Christina Aguilera belting about redemption in “Fighter” (were boxing ring scenes mandatory for music videos in the 2000s?). Destiny’s Child gave us an everlasting karaoke jam with “Survivor,” and how can we ever repay Vanessa Carlton for the perfect driving crooner “A Thousand Miles“?

With songs like that (and many, many others), why haven’t we invented time travel so we can revisit the 2000s? Might just be a new quarantine project to embark on … or we can get back to that “Unwritten” job search.

The News

Melissa Alam is the anti-sexism superstar of the week. The entrepreneurial leader of several projects, such as FearlessCon and ALAM Digital, publicized a misogynistic LinkedIn DM she received from a Philly nonprofit leader about her profile photo, sparking a valuable conversation on how NOT to address women in a professional space.

Speaking of better workplace practices, here’s a rundown of strategic insights by HR pros from’s inaugural BuildingUp webinar after a, shall we say, chaotic year.

Michelai Graham is officially a former team member (we’ll miss you!). In this exit column, she recounts valuable insights about the changing #dctech scene and her own professional development after two and a half years of reporting for DC. And yes, that does mean we’re hiring a Lead Reporter for D.C., as well as an Editorial Director and Product Director.

The Jobs

There aren’t office rules about blasting pop ballads when you work in your bedroom. Some fully remote opportunities:

The End

Oops, we did TWIJ again. Go forth and seek jobs!


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