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This Week in Jobs DE: And the award goes to!

JK, we’re all winners.

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“‘What’s your favorite season?’ ‘Awards.’”

In case you missed the Golden Globes, critically acclaimed actors are just as privy to the pains of Zoom functions as the rest of us.

Pre-show interviews experienced a bit of a delay. Daniel Kaluuya was muted for the first few seconds of his acceptance speech. As was Diane Warren. And viewers confused Catherine O’Hara and her husband Bo Welch’s attempted bit as a marital spat in the middle of her acceptance speech (just watch it). Frankly, there are too many Zoom idiosyncrasies to name, because what else would you expect when hosting a largely virtual awards ceremony?

And if the deliciously cringe-worthy clips the Golden Globes produced prove anything, it’s that technical hangups happen to everyone. So shoot for the stars, a Golden Globe, an EGOT, a winning lottery ticket — or you can send that email and submit that application! All is possible in our ever-changing workspaces.

The News

Virtual events can have their hang-ups, but let show you how it can be done right. We’re hosting our annual (and usually in-person) NET/WORK 2021 job fair on March 18. Register here and get face time with more than 30 companies offering 200+ jobs, including dev, marketing, operations, sales and engineering opportunities.

You’re gonna need a bigger jar. That is, for Philly entrepreneur Jared Cannon’s Simply Good Jars, a healthy food startup that serves to-go salads. Cannon pitched his idea to the famed “Shark Tank” panel on the show’s season 12 premiere this past Friday.

Speaking of bigger and better … *growth-stage companies*. If you’re not sure exactly what that means, Managing Editor Julie Zeglen kindly defines the term and explains how it relates to our editorial theme for March 2021: Growth Companies Month.

Macquarie is using cloud adoption and migration to bolster employees’ tech innovations. By reducing the chance of human error, cloud software helps Macquarie focus on its team’s dev successes, shares senior engineer and architect Jason Poley.

The Jobs

Back to the Globes, Jason Sudekis represented all of us when he made an acceptance speech in a tie-dye sweatshirt. Embrace your WFH wardrobe with these fully remote positions:

The End

Cue the wrap-up music. Thanks for reading!


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