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This Week in Jobs Philly: Gigs and giblets for the hungry job hunter

Cranberry sauce straight from the can.

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No mo’ drama

It’s disappointing that we can’t gather in person this Thanksgiving, but there are plenty of ways to spin this time lost with loved ones. Think of it as a year off from being asked why you don’t have kids yet. One less ceramic trinket “for your collection” from your Great-Aunt Debra (who single-handedly gifted entire said collection). Zero arguments between the self-appointed political pundits of the family.

Things change, but family remains the same. So no matter what events you must pass on this year, remember: Cousin Ron will still get too drunk, burn the turkey and make Aunt Angela cry next year. Promise.

Now onto the good stuff: jobs.

The News

Think of investing like ice cream, as VC Include CEO and founder Bahiyah Robinson and scout and fund manager Del Johnson discuss the “swirl of factors” bringing new pools of money into venture capital investments on this week’s episode of Off the Sidelines.

Donna Allie’s turned her self-made cleaning business Team Clean into a multi-million dollar enterprise. But even with her success and proven track record, Allie says opportunities for Black- and Latinx-owned businesses are not equal to those going to white business owners. Here’s what she thinks needs to happen in order for such companies to scale in Philly. And note the unique investment that gave her company a leg up during the pandemic.

The Jobs

And because not all of us want to eventually trade our fleece joggers for denim leg shackles, here are a few gigs designed for the remote lifestyle:

The End

Oh, another benefit to a private Thanksgiving is that you can eat everything straight out of a can (pumpkin pie included) and no one will ever know. Take that, moms. Just kidding, we love and miss you.

Happy job hunting and a happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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