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This Week in Jobs: New board, who this? It’s 26 open roles plus our updated look

New month, new jobs board — new you?

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If you haven’t seen our jobs board lately, it’s sporting a spiffy new look. This redesign is thanks to our product team, including Product Manager McKenzie Morgan, who took user feedback to create a board that helps job seekers find roles at companies that fit both their skill sets and value sets.

Morgan explains:

“Our readers and clients alike have been asking us for ways to find employers and teams who share the same values. To reflect this and to help you all find your way to your next venture, our team at has relaunched our jobs board with more intuitive design and features.”

The interface includes filters for “Culture + Values,” and makes it easier to learn about the companies by highlighting recent content. Read more about the redesign here, and apply for an open role (or post your open positions) here.

The News

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The Jobs





The End

Take a spin on the new board and we’ll see you next week.

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