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This Week in Jobs DMV: Harbor Lights Edition

Waterfront renovations, jobs and more.

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Panes in the Neck

How many marine biologists does it take to change a lightbulb?

We’ll soon find out, as the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is reportedly being upgraded with high-efficiency lights, which will illuminate and enhance the building’s distinctive glass roof — which itself will be refreshed with 684 new panes of glass.

Crucially, the $7.75 million project won’t affect any of the resident animals’ sleep patterns. If only we could say the same about our neighbors’ renovation projects.

Onto the jobs!

The News

More than a dozen Maryland companies were featured on Inc. Magazine’s “Best Workplaces” list for 2021. Given all the office shifts forced by COVID-19, the magazine focused on how companies responded to the pandemic, ultimately honoring 429 businesses that “did the most to support their employees and keep them engaged through a turbulent year.”

If you’re looking for work with a purpose, these are the four tech areas seeing the hottest demand from the U.S. government, per Dcode.

Baltimore-based SpotCrime is adding a nationwide missing persons database to its independent crime mapping and alert service. The new database will feature a picture, age, description, and last known whereabouts of a person reported missing. The company hopes this will help to increase awareness and solve more missing persons cases. It’s also another step in the company’s long term goal of increasing transparency in police data.

Eye spy: AlgometRx, based in the Children’s National Innovation and Research campus in Georgetown, has developed a device that helps more accurately measure pain by tracking a patient’s pupil dilation. The three-person company just began raising a $5 million funding round to help establish a commercial platform.

The Jobs





The End

Back in March we shared that the Capital Pool Checkers Association in D.C. was looking for a new home. Happily, the club has reportedly found a space in Adams Morgan — we hope its members are, ahem, jumping for joy (look, you try workshopping a checkers joke).

Good luck out there on the job hunt!


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