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This Week in Jobs DMV: Crunch Edition

Snacks, jobs and more.

Brian Fox is CTO of Sonatype. (Courtesy photo)

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Snack Attack

The shift to at-home work has been a boon for some snack purveyors. Michele’s Granola in Baltimore is churning out some 35,000 pounds of granola per week — and, with surging demand, now reportedly planning to nearly double production with a new facility in Baltimore.

Perhaps coincidence: Sales of Birkenstocks also soared in 2020. Look out hipsters, it seems hippies are on the rise.

On to the jobs!

The News

How has Charm City’s startup scene changed in just the past decade? UpSurge Baltimore looked at the numbers behind the city’s startup ecosystem — and found these five takeaways.

For developers, it can be nearly irresistible to make a custom solution for everything. But how can you avoid getting swept away by the workload that comes with it. As part of the Developers Conference at Philly Tech Week 2021 presented by Comcast, CTO of D.C.-based Prefect Chris White talked about how to avoid these orchestration pitfalls.

D.C.-based FiscalNote is reportedly considering going public. The software and media firm is apparently considering an initial public offering or SPAC merger, and recently raised $40 million from investors including Clearvision Ventures, Maso Capital Partners and CBC Group. That funding is on top of a $160 million funding round in December led by Arrowroot Capital and Runway Growth Capital. FiscalNote is said to be valued at $1.4 billion.

The Jobs





The End

If granola isn’t your thing or you need more protein in your diet, reporter Christine Condon at the Baltimore Sun chowed down on cicadas battered in (what else) Old Bay. The result? A “sort of airy fried snack that I might wash down with a beer before dinner.”

Mmm, tasty! Just let us know when they start serving these at Camden Yards or Nats Park.

Good luck out there on the job hunt!


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