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This Week in Jobs: Link up with these 24 tech career opportunities

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Have your video game-obsessed friends been MIA lately? Or are you the one sitting at home exploring the new world of Nintendo’s latest release “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”?

Already a big hit for the gaming company, this latest installment of Zelda promises even more open-world exploration, with what feels like limitless hours of gameplay.

We all need an escape from time to time, whether that means hours on your Switch or exploring new career options. While we don’t have any tips for the former, we’ve got a newsletter filled with the latter.

The News

Jamie Calabria, talent and culture manager at Crossbeam, shares how you can use personal storytelling and your network to transition to a job in tech.

Blending her background in business with the latest in IT, SVP Amy Cross is expanding CubeSmart’s digital footprint.

The healthcare industry is ripe for innovation, but it’s also one of the most regulated industries in the US. Here’s how to navigate its privacy and security restrictions as a startup.

Comcast is innovating the way it connects customers. Here’s how, courtesy of Comcast Cable EVP and Chief Network Officer Elad Nafshi.

After nearly two decades with financial services firm T. Rowe Price, Patrick Kelly is still as excited to come to work as he was on his first day. Read on to learn why (and explore the company’s open roles).

The Jobs


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Explore new worlds and new opportunities! We’ll see you again next time.

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