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This Week in Jobs: Jot down these 21 career opportunities

The power of pen to paper.

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Do you have perfect penmanship? Or do your notes tend to look like a doctor has scrawled them?

Better yet, when was the last time you even wrote something by hand?

It might be time to change that habit. According to a recent study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, taking notes by hand improves your ability to comprehend information. Compared to typing, writing by hand stimulates more parts of the brain, creating better networking in the brain than typing alone.

So next time you’re in a meeting, grab a pen and paper and start jotting down notes. You might be surprised how much more you’ll be able to recall.

Speaking of pen and paper, you might want to take note of this week’s opportunities.

The News

Last week, PA Gov. Josh Shapiro announced a $40.5 million initiative to stimulate the state’s economy, incorporating robotics, agriculture, energy, life sciences and manufacturing.

In January, the US Department of Education released its first National Educational Technology Plan since 2016. Here’s why it matters and how it could help close the ever-widening digital divide.

Started by a Meta engineer, Prize is helping veterans better navigate healthcare and mental health resources.

In the latest edition of How I Got Here, a former public health employee traces her rise to marketing tech operations.

The Jobs

Attention career changers!

January was Pathways to Tech Careers Month in’s editorial calendar, so we asked orgs in our network how they’re supporting pivoters and those looking to get into tech for the first time.

Tia Howard, technical talent sourcer at Fearless, said this:

“When I think about career-changers, I think about myself. Fearless supported me as a career-changer. I worked in higher education prior to coming to Fearless and was doing some transferable work with undergraduate and graduate students/paraprofessionals, along with entry level professionals. A colleague of mine had also transitioned from higher ed to work for Fearless and referred me via the Referral Program. Fearless was able to see my transferable skills and adjusted one of its positions so I could learn technical recruiting. September will make three years since I’ve successfully changed careers. Beyond my individual story, we have our internship program. The program supports students, recent graduates and early professionals to intern with engineering, design and departments, and 40% of our interns have been hired full time at Fearless.”

Learn more about Fearless here and explore open roles like Portfolio Director and Site Reliability Engineer II.

Sue Gerace, software engineering manager at Pinnacle 21, said this:

“As a career changer myself, this is something that I have maintained a lot of passion for throughout my career as a software engineer. At Pinnacle 21 by Certara, we have thoughtfully created an early career development program that includes different types of sessions to help engineers continue their education in addition to on-the-job training. Our early career development program includes tech talks, round table discussions and mob programming sessions. This program is supported by the software engineering management team and the content is driven by the early career folks as well as the senior engineers on the team.”

Check out Pinnacle 21’s directory page to learn more about the org and see job openings like Senior Software Engineer.

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The End

Get ready to write the next chapter in your career. See you later!


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