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This Week in Jobs: Have you tried turning your career off and on again? Here’s 22 open roles in IT and beyond

Hats off to an oft uncelebrated role.

Have you got what IT takes?

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When the going gets tough, the tough call IT.

The unsung heroes of most company operations, the IT Department is essential to systems running smoothly. Bottom line: if they’re doing a good job, you won’t notice a thing.

That’s why it’s a great time to recognize how IT helps us all today on National IT Professionals Day.

So send ‘em a Slack message of appreciation, or just try not to break anything.

And if you’re an IT professional looking for a new role, we’ve got some opportunities below for you.

The News

Founding dates? Fuggedaboutit, says CEO Chris Wink (in so many words) in this week’s Culture Builder Newsletter.

Here’s how Module is bringing affordable prefab homes to Pittsburgh and beyond.

Among the nominees for the Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards is the short film “The Pathway Home, which follows the transition of Delaware’s upscale Riverfront Wilmington hotel into The Hope Center, a support center for community members without homes.


The University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) announced plans to invest $14 million in economic development that supports fighting community-wide racial, economic and environmental disparities in the state.

Last week was big for Philly-area funding: A group of biotech companies received a collective $240 million in investments.

The Jobs





The End

Applaud your IT person today. See you next week!

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