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This Week in Jobs DMV: Hex Edition

Awful places, great jobs and more.

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No Representation, Lots of Vexation

Ghosts may haunt the old walnut-and-marble halls of our nation’s capital, but curses abound in far more prosaic locations — from the gloom and despair pervading Gate 35X at Reagan National Airport, to the mysterious forces frustrating Red Line trains from seemingly ever arriving on time, to the supernatural super-hangover from a night at Dan’s Cafe (lest non-locals think otherwise, the diviest of dive bars where liquor is served in ketchup squeeze-bottles).

And that doesn’t even include D.C.’s near-biblical rush hour traffic.

So, yes, D.C. is definitely cursed. Luckily for you, we smudged this week’s list of jobs so they’re clean.

The News

Here’s a chat that won’t be disabled: Gaming industry leaders in the Baltimore area will be joining a friendly match of Rocket League while discussing some of the most pressing issues facing the sector. John Fazio, founder and CEO of Nerd Street Gamers, and Will Gee, founder and CEO of Balti Virtual, will talk everything from how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the region’s gaming industry, to the role of gaming platforms in racial equity movements. It’s shaping up to be a talk that will make you go “Wow. Wow. Wow. Wo–”


If your company is under intense financial pressure, you may be wondering whether it’s time to consider furloughs — and, in part, whether such a painful option will not only save your business, but avoid the deeper cuts from layoffs. HR veterans Talia Edmundson, principal and founder of HRnB Consulting, and Tamara Rasberry, a D.C.-based HR consultant and the founder of Rasberry Consulting, talked through this hard conversation on the latest episode of The TWIJ Show.

The superior articulate facet, the interlocking facets, the intervertebral disc — surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital harnessed augmented reality to help guide recent spinal surgery. The “GPS for the spine,” as one of the surgeons put it — or as his colleague described, “x-ray vision” — overlaid 3D images as the doctors worked to stabilize their patient’s spine. Just remember to turn off Pokemon Go before making the first incision.

The Jobs



  • Seeking devs: The web and mobile product development firm SmartLogic is hiring a Developer in Baltimore.
  • Leave your mark in the cloud: in Fulton is seeking an experienced Product Designer.
  • Amobee, describing itself as the “world’s leading independent advertising platform,” is looking for a Data Scientist.
  • Paul Blart: Mall … Ops. BenefitMall in Towson is hiring an Operations Analyst.



The End

There isn’t just a hex on D.C.’s dive bars: The District and DMV are also home to — anecdotally anyway — some of the worst drivers in the country. We maintain Maryland is in a category all its own.

Watch out for black cats and broken mirrors, and good luck out there on the job hunt!

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