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This Week in Jobs: Hats off to these 24 open tech roles

Another myth debunked.

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Most of us have heard the vague statistic that something like 70% of your body heat escapes through your head. So if you’ve been begrudgingly donning cap after cap this season to keep warm, we’re here to set the record straight.

According to research from Andew Maynard, a professor at University of Michigan, wearing a hat can help keep you warm, but it’s not nearly as important as many assume. Bottom line: Don’t believe that a warm beanie, sans winter coat, is going to trap the heat in as you trample outside.

Now that you’ve ditched your winter wear and fixed up that hat hair, let’s look at this week’s jobs.

The News

Corporate wellness company On the Goga is joining Techstars and taking its IRL wellness product digital.

How can we make a difference? In this week’s Culture Builder Newsletter, Technically Media’s CEO Chris Wink reveals some of the findings of’s five-year strategic vision.

From people management to technical problem-solving, here’s why Bobbie Johnson, SVP of PNC’s Tech Ops organization, is passionate about her work.

If they could turn back time … here’s what three of Delaware’s RealLIST Engineers would tell their younger selves before starting in tech.

The Jobs





The End

Stay warm (hat or no) and we’ll see you next week.


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