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This Week in Jobs PHL: Get loud for good jobs

Plus movie trailers.

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Hey. Not sure if any of you have heard because it’s kept a pretty low profile, but there’s an election coming up.

Maybe you’ve noticed the mountain of direct mail screaming at you to PICK THIS CANDIDATE or the barrage of texts begging, “CAN WE COUNT ON YOUR VOTE?” Perhaps you’ve caught on to the decibel change during commercials, when all of the people start yelling about all of the things, all at the same time. Or could it have been the last time you watched “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” and related deeply when Brick was struggling to understand the LOUD NOISES?

Indeed, ‘tis not a subtle time. However, it is time to toss that caboose into some spandex and exercise your right to vote. And hey, if it makes you feel powerful, wear the spandex during your next job interview. Just, you know, under your regular clothes.

The News

Remember the shy, brooding person in high school who made being quiet look so cool? Well get over them because right now it pays to be a blabbermouth. Philly Startup Leaders is accepting applications for an idea-stage accelerator, focusing on founder development, mentorship and navigating the startup community here in Philly. It’s an incredible opportunity for newbie entrepreneurs, so apply by Nov. 20.

Looking for other opportunities to increase or fine tune your coding skills? Here’s a list of 12 Philly bootcamps, orgs and resources, several of which are free. Tip: don’t get discouraged by the higher prices of bootcamps at the top of the list, keep scrolling for more affordable options!

Further proving that Delaware is ripe with STEM career opportunities, Adesis, a contract manufacturing company, has nearly tripled its employee count from 46 to 127 in just the last five years (it’s been around for 30). While most of the jobs require an advanced degree in science, the payoff, said President Andrew Cottone, is that “These are high-tech manufacturing jobs. This type of technician work is going to be sought after for a long time.” Oh baby.

Wondering what happened to the promise of autonomous cars takin’ over the streets? In this article by Brian Conway, we get a glimpse into Pittsburgh’s quest to be the leader in AV technology over the last five years, and when, if ever, self-driving cars will actually become a thing.

The Jobs

  • Perpay is looking for a mid-level Acquisition Marketer with experience scaling customer acquisition strategies like Tom Cruise dangling from a 500-story building in a high-throttle startup environment. Just kidding. You mostly need to be highly organized and detail oriented with three to five years experience.
  • URBN is on the prowl for a Salesforce Product Manager to coordinate workstreams for a multi-brand implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and deliver URBN’s technical roadmap for the platform — which, again, sounds like the trailer to an action adventure thriller where Nic Cage must steal and protect a priceless roadmap before one or all of the workstreams dry up forever and can no longer be accessed again.

Oh, this is fun. Let’s keep going.

  • Vanguard is hiring a Control-M Engineer to provide Tier 3 technical leadership for its workload automation platform, driving the future direction of the platform and act as a critical contact for projects, with the confidence and expertise of Michelle Rodriguez’s technician/street racer character in “Fast and the Furious.” Jumping from one moving car to another is not required. But always best to double check.
  • Power Home Remodeling is looking for a Site Reliability Engineer-Networking “on a mission to design and automate performant and highly available infrastructure.” That movie just wrote itself, starring you.
  • Perpay is also hiring a Full Stack Engineer.
  • And STRATIS IoT seeks a Web Designer / Developer with a passion for security, energy management, asset protection and automation efficiencies just like how Aquaman … OK, maybe we’re losing steam.


The End

Thank you for indulging our somewhat unpredictable imagination, as always. Don’t forget to vote, eat your veggies and shower this week. Please.

Happy job hunting.


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