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This Week in Jobs: We promise these 16 open tech roles are fresher than a holiday fruitcake

Like a fine wine, we dive deep into aging cake.

Sup dude.

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There’s that old joke about holiday fruitcakes — that there’s only ever been a single fruitcake produced, but people just regift the same one to someone new year after year. Like the Twinkie or the cockroach, these things seem like they just last forever … or do they?

According to research conducted at NC State, depending on what ingredients you use, these much-maligned holiday treats are shelf-stable for a surprising amount of time. That’s because some variations use preserved fruits and a considerable amount of rum or other alcohol that drastically reduces growth like mold or yeast.

It may not age like a fine wine, but if you’re eyeing the three-year-old cake in the freezer, it might be edible. Or you could just check out this week’s job listings — we promise they’re fresh.

The News

Any good job candidate knows the question portion of a job interview is a make-or-break scenario. Here’s how you can craft a question to stand out in your interview.

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The Jobs





  • Ready to make some (Bit)coin? Stronghold Digital Mining is searching for a Data Center Manager to help run the company’s mining infrastructure and data centers.
  • Bring together your passion for software engineering and social impact at Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Data Science and Public Policy. The department is hiring a Senior Software Engineer.
  • RE2 Robotics’ leading-edge robotics offer solutions in everything from defense RD to product development. That’s why the team is searching for a Business Development Manager to maintain and develop new connections.

The End

We wouldn’t blame you for regifting that fruitcake. That wraps it up for us, but we’ll see you again next week.

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