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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: For love of country and TikTok

Lip sync battle at the next G7?

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It looked like a foregone conclusion that the shutdown of Tiktok in the U.S. would be another weird footnote in the annals of 2020. Would Gen Z find a new platform where they can make fun of millennials? Can dads ever find an audience for their newfound love of dance choreography?

Before we brace for the worst, Microsoft has rushed in to potentially save the day.

Anything can happen at this point, but that’s also the beauty. Lemonade can be made even from geopolitical lemons. While no one likes uncertainty, big things can still happen during unpredictable times. So if you’re looking for a new opportunity, TWIJ has some fresh-squeezed job openings ready for the taking.

The News

Armed with a new $1 million capital infusion, Warrendale-based cybersecurity startup FifthWall Solutions announced it will expand its staff by a dozen or so in the next year — good news for you, jobseeking reader!’s annual Super Meetup is going virtual next Thursday the 13th, and promises to keep things fresh with trivia and lightning tech talks. Find out more and register here to join the fun with technical Meetup groups from all over the mid-Atlantic.

Check out this look back at a 1995 record-breaking AV trip from Pittsburgh to San Diego by Carnegie Mellon University researchers, a milestone in an industry that is still thriving locally today. Reader warning: pleated khakis appear in this story.

The Local Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

We hope you’re quenched and refreshed. TWIJ will loop back next week with a whole new set of jobs, as always.

If you want to check on new jobs in the mid-Atlantic region, go ahead and sift through’s jobs board any time. See you next week.

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