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This Week in Jobs DMV: Tune Up Edition

Jams, jobs and more.

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Local Soundtrack

As international eyes stay fixed on the District as we approach the inauguration next week, there’s arguably no better time to put local culture front and center. The good folks at Worthwhiler compiled a 51-track playlist of the ”best songs to come out of the 51st state” — aka D.C. — in 2020.

What better soundtrack for browsing the latest DMV job openings?

The News

Readers — and coffee, lots of coffee — are our fuel here at That’s why we love meeting you at our events, hearing your thoughts on our stories, and why we’re sharing what we’re planning to write about in the year ahead. Take a look at our editorial calendar for 2021, leading with a look at what’s next for our economy, and if you’ve got an idea or know someone who’s doing something newsworthy, let us know.

This microgreen subscription service hopes to go macro: Bloom Box in Baltimore is sending fresh greens to customers’ doors. The sprouting company started as a class project at the University of Baltimore.

A Baltimore computer-repair shop has blossomed into something more: M.A.P.S., boasting 20 years in downtown Baltimore, has become a community center and burgeoning esports hub, offering Fortnite classes, coding bootcamps and even finance lessons. It’s currently renovating a 10,000-square-foot space downtown, complete with a video game lounge that will double as a community gathering space.

The Jobs

  • You heard it here first, folks. Technically Media is hiring for two big remote-flexible roles:
    • The Editorial Director will oversee and improve the newsroom, grow our audience and engage the community.
    • The Product Director will take our products and services — such as the ones that drive value for our Talent Pro community of employer brands — to new heights.





The End

If jazz is more your speed, Capital Bop highlighted the best albums from DMV artists in 2020 (shout out to 730DC for highlighting these local finds).

Keep it cool out there on the job hunt, and stay safe!

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