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This Week in Jobs DMV: Ride the Rails Edition

Digital slow jams, jobs and more.

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Slow Ride, Take It Easy

If, for some reason, you need a distraction today, consider a quick trip to Norway.

Through the magic of YouTube and the laid-back team at SlowTV, you can enjoy a soothing 10-hour, front-seat journey aboard a train to the Arctic Circle.

You can ride the rails in any of the four seasons while you crank out cover letters or simply let the scenery slip by. The Wi-Fi will surely be better than on any Amtrak; just know you’re going to have to supply your own dining car.

The News

How can you build a resilient organization? Join’s sister site, Generocity, for this year’s ADVANCE digital conference next Thursday, Nov. 12, featuring dynamic discussions on impact, philanthropy and recovery.

Stay safe while supporting your local corner store. Lula is connecting neighbors with their nearby bodega, providing eco-friendly delivery for a low subscription fee. Now that quart of milk or roll of toilet paper or upscale bag of coffee is just a thumb-click away.

Only 1% of decision makers at large venture capital firms in 2018 identified as Black. Likewise, just 1% of VC dollars that year went to Black startup founders. For its most recent episode, Off the Sidelines — an investor education podcast produced by and sponsored by Project Entrepreneur, a program by UBS — dove into the topic of how white investors can best combat racial inequality in venture capital.

The Jobs





The End

If train footage doesn’t do it for you, consider making your own Joy Tool Kit, or explore other relaxing selections from the people at SlowTV, including “Fluffy Clouds Over New York,” or staring at a literal eye for 10 hours (for all you aspiring Sarumans). Or, if you’re looking to drive your roommates insane, this.

Good luck out there on the job hunt!

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