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This Week in Jobs DMV: Popping Bottles Edition

Pockets full of packets, jobs and more.

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Feeling the Squeeze

It’s taken some 14 months, but the surge in takeout sparked by the spread of COVID-19 has caused a shortage in ketchup packets. Prices have soared by 13% since the start of the pandemic, and restaurant owners tell The Wall Street Journal that they’re now “hunting high and low” for the tasty tomato-sugar shots of flavor.

No shortage of goods here, though: Ketchup on the latest below (sorry …).

The News

The coronavirus pandemic was not kind to many entrepreneurs. But one group was disproportionately impacted: Women seeking venture capital for their startups. Through the first three quarters of 2020, companies with at least one woman on the founding team saw year-over-year funding drop by nearly a third. All male teams, by contrast, saw just an 18% dip. Clearly this disparity demands attention, which is why through April 2021 — Funding Women Founders will be doing data dives, startup check-ins, founder and investor profiles, and stories on venture capital trends with gender equity in mind.

Save the date, Part 1!’s annual Developers Conference returns May 11. The free event will feature eight case studies and networking opportunities, plus a jobs fair component for those looking for a new technical role.

Save the date, Part 2! Introduced by is back again this year — virtually. On Thursday, May 13, we invite you to the daylong conference that introduces you to the ideas, people and opportunities that build better companies. Take part in inspiring conversations and panel sessions, network lounges for speakers and audience members to connect, and an expo floor to meet sponsors and community members.

Paul Simon didn’t write “3 ways to fund your startup” but he might have? We’ve got an explainer on the common ways to raise capital. Not including a SPAC, Jack.

The Jobs





The End

For you agents of chaos out there, suggest mayo instead of ketchup on your next work Zoom and watch the meeting implode. (Risky strategy if you’re interviewing!)

Good luck out there on the job hunt, and stay safe!

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