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This Week in Jobs DMV: Happy Accident

Finding something amazing when you weren’t even trying.

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Baby, you’re a firework

Some days, you go to work thinking you’ll discover immorality, but invent fireworks instead. Or, at least that was the case around 800 AD, when an unsuspecting alchemist mixed sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate. Long story short, that combination is actually gunpowder, not the elixir of eternal life. The solution was packed in tubes and lit on fire to create some of the earliest iterations of the firework.

It’s wild to think that the alchemist might’ve been bummed out that he failed at eternal life instead of being ecstatic about inventing fireworks.

That mistake must’ve really blown up in his face.

The News

Game on! Check out these promising 31 students who were awarded scholarships from the Entertainment Software Association.

B-360 focuses on STEM education with a side of dirt biking. Learn how this Baltimore-based program is growing with an infusion of funding.

Software company MassLight kicks off its anticipated twice-a-year accelerator with a  $100k investment in six local startups.

bwtech@UMBC wrapped up its first cohort for the Maryland New Venture Fellowship for Cybersecurity, awarding CyDeploy $10,000 in the final pitch competition.

The Jobs





The End

Here’s hoping your next mistake on the job creates something that people ohh and ahh over some odd 1,200 years later.

If you want to check on new jobs in the mid-Atlantic region, go ahead and sift through’s jobs board any time.

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