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This Week in Jobs DMV: Friluts-What? Edition

The great outdoors, open tech jobs and more.

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Breaking All Four Walls

Can’t bear the prospect of spending fall and winter stuck at home, with little to no chance for travel? Consider “frilutsliv!” (We’ll wait until you get it right.)

This Norwegian concept, roughly translating to “open-air living,” promotes celebrating the outdoors and truly valuing your time in nature. Just don’t forget to bring a power source so you can still email that job application.

The News

In the spirit of frilutsliv(!) — which feels like it should always be pronounced with an exclamation point — the Rosslyn Business Improvement District in NoVa is launching Outdoor Office, or O2, to offer a safe new coworking space for professionals going stir-crazy at home. O2 hopes to cultivate a “business-meets-fresh-air environment.” If it’s free of coworkers microwaving their tuna sandwiches, count us in.

Students and leaders from across Baltimore joined a nationwide campaign pushing Comcast and the Federal Communications Commission to both expand Wi-Fi access and recast internet service as a utility like electricity, gas heat and water. Students Organizing a Multicultural & Open Society is calling for high-speed broadband internet for all students to better participate in virtual learning. SOMOS and other organizations are urging the FCC to increase the minimum requirements for speeds that are considered broadband internet.

The Jobs




  • ElasticM2M, developing software for the Internet of Things, is looking for a Senior Software Engineer in Reston.
  • Put your nose to this one: Grindstone in Herndon is seeking an Application Developer.
  • DivvyCloud in Arlington is hiring a Software Engineer with experience in Python, cloud technologies and “efficient beautifully designed code.”


The End

If it’s social excursions you’re looking for — and you can take or leave the outdoors — D.C.’s Hello Neighbor is helping people meet through meaningful conversations. The events are happening virtually for now, just remember to change out of your “job interview Zoom shirt” and into your “fun, social Zoom shirt” before you log on.

Good luck out there on the job hunt!


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