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This Week in Jobs DMV: Worth the Wait

The leaves are already looking gorgeous.

Hi, fall!

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Enjoy the View

Fall is here, and that means the leaves are set to change colors.

This is a great reminder of the beauty of nature and that being patient and letting things happen organically can be rewarding.

There are plenty of areas around Maryland that are about to become vibrant. Much like waiting for a response from an employer, it’s only a matter of time. You just need to be patient, and eventually you’ll be rewarded with something great.

The News

Internet service provider Bridgemaxx looks to offer an alternative to other ISPs for Baltimore residents.

Last decade was one of the least active periods for new business formation, according to D.C.’s Economic Innovation Group. Find out what this means for the future as we recover from the pandemic.

If you’re starting a health technology company in Baltimore, check out this list of over 40 resources to help you build your organization.

Tech in Motion recently revealed the regional winners in D.C. of its annual Timmy Awards, highlighting tech leaders and companies.


The Jobs





The End

I’ll leave you until next week.

If you want to check on new jobs in the mid-Atlantic region, go ahead and sift through’s jobs board any time.

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