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This Week in Jobs DMV: -ign -dition

Renovations, jobs and more.

Sugar rush.

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Welcome Back, omino ugar!

Domino Sugar Baltimore is restoring the iconic glowing letters that for years have shined each night above the Inner Harbor. After taking down the roughly 70-year-old neon-lit letters, they’re being replaced with LEDs, letter by letter.

The most recent addition: “ug” — fitting for a midweek morning.

On to the jobs!

The News

Flatiron School, offering immersive bootcamps in software development, data science, cybersecurity and product design, is providing $3,000 to students who identify as women. It’s part of the school’s Women Take Tech initiative, aimed at empowering the next generation of diverse tech talent.

RealLIST Connectors is here! Check out the leaders in D.C., Baltimore and NoVa who have made it their mission to keep community building in the tech, entrepreneurship and innovation sectors, even during a pandemic.

A little over a year after launch, Community Wealth Builders is boasting a new crop of Baltimore companies seeking capital and investors on the Maryland Neighborhood Exchange. Instead of using Robinhood to invest in a company nationally, the platform allows residents to invest in the mom-and-pop shop next door. Among the offerings: e-Bless, an electronic giving and gifting platform to help churches and other nonprofits save money on taking in donations, and reward people for giving.


The Jobs





The End

Summer is truly just around the corner: A frozen yogurt shop in D.C. is offering a shot at free froyo for a year. And the DowntownDC Summer Flicks series is back every Tuesday through August.

After a year of pandemic, get out there and enjoy the summer swelter (safely!).

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