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This Week in Jobs DE: The mysterious fall and lots of non-dev jobs

Not a regular season, a cool season.

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Expecting this fall to be like all the others? Silly fools. This fall doesn’t feel the need to cater to society’s seasonal expectations. It’s grown up, changed; it’s not a kid anymore, Mom!

It’s colored its hair purple and no one can tell it what to do. It throws a really cool leather jacket over its shoulder and stays out past curfew. It’s gonna chill you to the bone and then sear you with the sun.

Oh, did other fall seasons wear lots of flannel and dress in smart layers? Well this fall wears snow pants on Monday and a crop top on Tuesday. Only ever get allergies in the summer? BAM! Here are some new ones for fall.

Better just stop trying to guess what fall will do next, stay inside and learn a new skill — you know, keep things fresh, like fall does.

Speaking of new skills …

The News

Our fearless editor at, Julie Zeglen, kicked off Workforce Development Month with a piece on how professional growth is changing in the era of COVID-19. In it, Zeglen references recent articles that have been helpful for tech folks, whether they’re looking to get into the industry, change focus or level up in their current role. She is also asking for your contributions to this month’s editorial theme, so read it ’til the last drop for details.

Then he’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll puff and he’ll puff and he’ll puff … sorry, the wolf got stuck on loop there. Maybe it’s because goPuff’s house is nearly impossible to blow down these days. The delivery startup just expanded to California with its acquisition of alcohol retailer BevMo! Keep your little piggies safe from the outdoors by no longer needing to leave the house to buy anything.

Don’t forget: Our social impact sister site Generocity is putting on its second annual ADVANCE conference later this week on Nov. 12 at 9 a.m. The theme of this year’s virtual event is “Resilience and Recovery,” and attendees can expect actionable advice from local leaders on how to make an impact on our city’s  toughest civil challenges. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Get your registration on.

The Jobs

We made sure to include plenty of jobs for all of you technologists who don’t code for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take a look:

The End

Think that’s the right outfit for walking the dog? Think again. It’s 20 degrees hotter or colder than it was an hour ago.

Be sure to sleep with one eye open, kids. You never know what fall, or the job board, will do next.

Happy job hunting, friends.


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