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This Week in Jobs: Find your win-win situation with these 21 tech career opportunities

The key to getting some of what you want.

Compromise can help you get to your Good Place. (Gif via

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Compromise is the art of reaching an agreement wherein you and the other party get some, but not all, of what you want. When you’re at a stalemate, compromising can help a conflict move forward. While it might not lead to 100% on your end, ideally you end up satisfied.

In job searching, we hope to find roles that meet all of our needs, from culture to compensation. But, sometimes compromise is a necessity. It’s worth thinking about what’s essential and what’s “nice to have” when you’re considering roles.

Because even in a compromise, you can feel like a winner.

The News

West Philadelphia’s The Enterprise Center has been supporting minority entrepreneurs for 30 years and doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon.

What the web? Here are five trends to watch around the future of energy and Web3, courtesy of Thomas Schmaus, founder of the Crypto Energy Summit.

Accenture Federal Services, the Arlington, Virginia-based branch of consulting company Accenture, just penned a $2 billion contract with the IRS.

Formerly Philly-based Misfits Market finds a new fit as it moves its headquarters to Baltimore.

Growing up, Ashley Griffin wanted a career in healthcare. Now, she’s a software engineering manager at HealthVerity, the Center City tech company for pharma manufacturers, insurance firms and government agencies.

The Jobs


Philly + Delaware

DC + Baltimore


The End

Here’s hoping you get exactly what you want, or at least most of what you want. Until next time!

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