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This Week in Jobs: Check out a full spread of tech roles (and a side of taters)

It’s Thanksgiving! Don your finest bib and get to feasting.

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Just two days away…

It’s a given that Thanksgiving dinner is no meal without a delicious spread of sides: stuffing, green bean casserole, taters, maybe even baked pineapples (don’t knock until you try it).

The ultimate question of Turkey Day feasting is this: do you mix the sides on your plate? Like, literally whip them all up so the flavors coalesce into one tangy, mouth-watering bite? If you don’t — do better. One big messy glom on your fork to chomp down on is the best part of the holidays!

To get metaphorical, a worthy job seeker like yourself knows an application has to have a touch of every seasoning: experience, interest, passion. You’ve already got the goods, so mix them up and keep reading to see what jobs are waiting for you.

The News

Here’s a question for jobseekers of the moment. When can a company overcome its past misdeeds? An executive at small, widely respected geospatial software firm Azavea, based in Philadelphia, repeatedly used racial slurs in a 2017 meeting, and she only left the company last year. “How can there be accountability without redemption?” the former Azavea employee and whistleblower said to After a racist incident, what does accountability look like?


PGH’s Duolingo hired its first head of social impact meant to strengthen the company’s relationship with its hometown community.

Rinse and repeat — err, actually, you don’t have to worry about those steps with the Baltimore-based SudShare, which allows users to outsource their dirty laundry. The app is getting pressed nationally.

The Jobs





The End

You can have your turkey and eat it too! Enjoy your holiday, folks.

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