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What do the Swifties and the Department of Justice have in common?

Turns out, they’re both pretty ticked off about ticket prices.

Last week, the DOJ and 30 state and district attorneys filed an antitrust lawsuit against the mega-ticket sales and event platform Live Nation Entertainment.

The suit claims that the prominent platform has been involved in several anticompetition strategies, from shutting artists out of tour dates to deceptive ticket pricing policies.

While the suit will take years to wind its way through the courts, it could ultimately lead to lower admission, better profit sharing for artists and the end of stress-induced presales.

While we can’t promise you cheaper tickets to your favorite show, if you’re searching for a new role, we do have just the ticket for you.

The News

Cash for gold marketplace Alloy, aka “Caravana for gold,” hit $1M in revenue just 10 months after launch.

Thanks to a $700,000 budget increase, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s tech internship program can help place more students in on-the-job opportunities.

The end of an era: In a summary of his keynote at Builders Conference during Philly Tech Week 2024, CEO Chris Wink explains how software is no longer “technology.”

Clear your kid clutter with Philly startup Unless Kids.

We’re at the dawn of “dank” being totally legal in Delaware, but that doesn’t mean drug testing goes by the wayside. Here’s the legal reason why you’ll want to consider medical marijuana to avoid workplace woes.

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