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This Week in Jobs: Tip-tap your way to these 24 open tech roles

Or, ways to keep your feline from crashing your Zoom meeting.

Send those messages with fur(r)y! (Sorry.)

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In a week where no less than three cats made cameos on various Zoom calls, we had to ask, “What’s with cats and laptops?”

Some cats will take any opportunity to jump on an owner’s keyboard, creeping into view on calls and leading to unwanted typos in your Slack channel (“Sorry that was my cat,” seems to be an increasing excuse).

While some owners have had luck setting up decoy laptops for their cats to lounge on, animal experts doubt your pet wants to take up typing.

More likely, they hop to your lap (and thus laptop) seeking attention, pats, and a warm spot to curl up. Unfortunately, amending this behavior often means ignoring them, even as they block your webcam.

If a cat in the chat is the least of your worries when it comes to working, check out this week’s opportunities below.

The News

As part of the City of Philadelphia’s PHL: Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative, is hosting a series of free monthly virtual workshops. The first one is tomorrow, Wednesday, March 30, and will feature Verizon Chief of Staff Amber Jones discussing “Creating A Workplace Culture of Belonging.” Register for free here.

The metaverse may be technology’s latest buzzword, but how can we make this new wave of internet inclusive? A doctoral candidate in communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Breigha Adeyemo, dives into the topic.


Wondering if your employer will foster career growth? Here are the questions to ask during the interview process.

Spring has sprung, and with it, new incubator classes. Get to know the seven startups in Baltimore’s 1501 Health cohort and Pittsburgh’s LifeX Labs.

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The End

May your week be the cat’s meow. See you again soon!

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