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This Week in Jobs: Bridge the gap to your next role with these 22 tech openings

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Today marks the 139th anniversary of the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge. At the time, in 1883, it was the largest suspension bridge built to date.

What makes this feat notable is how the technology grew. The suspension bridge made it easier to connect further and further spans of space, thanks to the bridge’s ability to create stability, even across major distances.

You may not be an engineer designing bridges, but there’s something to be said for bridging the gap between two faraway places, be that physical locations, or ideas.

You may think that a new opportunity is out of reach, but you can stretch your knowledge and experiences further than you realize.

The News

The jobs board just launched a spiffy new redesign. Check it out and find your next role!

What is synthetic data, and how could it be the “next big thing” for cybersecurity? Thomas George, senior systems engineer at Vidoori, breaks it down.

For sales development representative Eli Salls, finding a job was more like a walk in the park than a trip to the dentist. Here’s how Salls found his way to dental practice software service Kleer. (Psst: It includes browsing our newly redesigned jobs board!)

If you build it, will they come? In the latest Ask a Marketer column, Sean Sutherland tackles building brand followers on social media.


Is your engineering team enraged over its on-call rotation? It may be time for an overhaul, advises engineering manager Leemay Nassery.

The national nonprofit Founders First, which brings resources to revenue-generating companies led by underrepresented founders, is offering a series of grant programs that combine cash awards combined with full tuition scholarships to its business accelerators.

The Jobs





The End

Hope this week’s intro wasn’t too much of a stretch. See you next week.

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