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This Week in Jobs DE: Everyone is an ‘All Star’ here

Did you forget about Smash Mouth? Tsk, tsk.

Some-BODY once told me. (Gif via

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All that glitters is gold

In this newsletter, I will discuss the cultural touchstone that is Smash Mouth’sAll Star.” The internet recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the DreamWorks classic “Shrek” and its release in U.S. theaters. If you’re not familiar with the film, please log off immediately and go watch it. (Psst: It’s streaming on Hulu.) Or you can pay homage at the Shrek Box in South Philly. We’re not kidding — it’s ranked five stars on Google Reviews.

We can’t let such a monumental, Smithsonian-worthy anniversary go by without paying tribute to its unofficial theme song. When those first notes begin to play and Steve Harwell sings the iconic opening line “Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me,” all future generations were blessed with a pretty foolproof karaoke bop.

To close, we’ll let Smash Mouth grace you with a bit of career advice: “Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play / Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on, get paid.”

The News

Philly’s tech scene isn’t going anywhere, and the City of Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office is committed to ensuring its future is inclusive and equitable. A video just dropped for a $500,000, city-funded initiative dubbed PHL: Most Diverse Tech Hub. Check it out and try to spot some familiar faces from Technically Media!

Flatiron School is also doing the work to get more women involved in STEM. The tech educator has been committed to diversifying the tech scene since 2012 and awarded $1 million in scholarships to women so far.

As tech changes, is here to keep its finger on the industry’s pulse and answer your burgeoning questions — one of which may be, what the heck is an NFT? Reporter Michael Butler answers that Q and more about how this form of ecommerce works.

The Jobs

Sing along to your favorite music as loud as you want (unless you’ve got roommates, of course) with these full-time WFH jobs:

The End

Remember, friends: Only shooting stars break the mold. See y’all next week.


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